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It's Gardening Time!

Hi Everyone, It's gardening time and if you don't have your garden in, yet, then you're in for a treat! Especially if you live in Fairview, Michigan. Richard, my handy gardener that REALLY has a green thumb, has gone above and beyond this year. Michael has added his special magic with his quantum energy and I am working away in the kitchen dehydrating what food stuffs I can for the coming year. That's right...I'll be dehydrating and canning this year.

Our garden is already producing some nice leaf lettuce, cilantro, spinach, and today...cucumbers! These are all natural, no pesticides, herbicides or genetically modified anything. Take a look at the picture I took this last week and with the rain we've had's even more abundant. We've already harvested some leaf lettuce, replanted more as you see in the pic.

Members are welcome to come out for a visit and take some of this lusciousness home with them...just give us a call to make sure we are not out in the back pasture. :-)

Enjoy and hope to see you soon!

Much love,

Mary, Richard and Michael

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