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New Earth Ministries' OFFERS

Here's where we count on each other to pull things off in the coming age. New Earth Ministries has 4 areas of interest that need your tax-deductible contributions or support. And in return, you have the option of receiving several free e-books or free plasma energy pads to set up your water station. And that's called keeping in OUR exchange.

Donate NOW! And why not consider joining NEW EARTH MINISTRIES today?

Popular Offers for You and Your Family

As children are becoming more aware of their gifts and talents to our world, we like supporting and contributing to young artists by donating a portion of our income made from books and pdfs to those platforms that use their art.

Here are our most recent & popular books.

If you enjoyed them, then please consider making a contribution. It's tax-deductible!

Sadie and her mom.jpg

Click the free PDF icons for your free e-book/s.


Free e-books for Children and for those that Like to Learn!  Isn't that most of us?

Sadie's Mom Regains Her Super Powers e-book by Eve Volving

This children's e-book is about Sadie's mom learning to go within & trust in her Creator for all her super powers-too many to mention.

Conversations with Sasquatch
Kenaf/Seeds for Life e-book

This is an introductory book to the plant called Kenaf; it's benefits, properties and uses.

Conversations with Sasquatch-Seeding the World, Book 2 in the Kenaf Series
This e-book is about the growing and production of Kenaf for the New Earth.


02 Consider Contributing:

Texas Grass Fed Beef PMA

With FOOD SHORTAGES and HIGH GAS PRICES in the headlines...who can't but notice! Help donate to this cause located in the Amarillo, Texas area so that other members can get grass-fed beef at reasonable prices.

Farm 1
Meat Variety
Green Farm

03 Consider Contributing:

New Earth Member Garden

Healthy organic foods right from the garden sounds really yummy! Donate to this cause to help others grow their own foods using no pesticides or herbicides.

Just imagination, right intentions, a good location with water, soil, & heirloom seeds, some equipment, and a green thumb are needed. 

Another FREE Offer!


Free Plasma Energy Pads & Water Station Set up

Send us a Self-Addressed, Stamped Envelope for your FREE PLASMA PADS at:

330 Schmid Rd

Fairview, Michigan 48621

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